CNA Interview Questions

Top frequent CNA Interview Questions

You are going to take the CNA test interview but still wondering about how to answer all CNA Interview Questions fluently? Let’s start in this blog!

December 30, 2021

Passing a CNA interview is a prerequisite before taking charge of the responsibilities of the CNA. Even if you already have lots of experience in managing and working with patients, dealing with these CNA interview questions is not an easy task. Follow this article for more effective methods of answering these questions.

The most common informational questions

CNA Interview Questions
CNA Interview Questions


  • Let’s introduce about yourself

CNA interview questions tell me about yourself is just a warm-up question. The purpose of the interviewer is to know basic information about you such as your name, age, address… or some more specific information such as hobbies, passions, lifestyle… Although this is a question simple, don’t list interests or information unrelated to the field you’re testing for. It is best to convey all the necessary information.

  • Tell us the reasons why you decide to become a CNA?

Think of an experience from your daily life that illustrates what is the level you like taking care of individuals. For case, the conversation was almost about how you utilized to visit your grandma within the nursing domestic and how you enjoyed doing her nails or offering assistance to her. Tell the questioner simply know that CNAs work hard but they get to do so much for their patients. You’ll include that you just need to be the portion of a group and make patients feel exceptional and regarded.

  • Tell us about what you expect of yourself in the next five years?

This seems to be a silly question because nobody is able to expect that will happen in the future. Be genuine, but don’t go into as well much detail. Maybe you basically need to work close to your home, win a paycheck, or get the encounter essential for the work you truly need. But don’t say those things! A great reply can be “I’m so energized to begin my career as a CNA! I know I’ll require a few a long time of involvement to truly pick up certainty and progress my skills.” On the off chance that you’re arranging on return to school, it’s affirming to say so: “At a few points, I may need to get to be an LPN, but for presently, I’m centering on being an extraordinary CNA. “

  • What are your strengths?

For a few reasons, it seems that managers cherish to inquire about this address beside their partner, “Tell me about your weaknesses?” Create your reply presently so you won’t get to bungle amid the interview. Prepare to tell the questioner that you’re organized and solid and get along well with all sorts of individuals. (You’ve got great qualities, so don’t be bashful!) Indeed superior, think of times after you were great: “When I worked at the ice cream shop, we were so active! I would come in a small early to urge things set up. But it was absolutely fun, seeing the clients getting a charge out of the cones and shakes that I made! My counterparts also said I made the work fun for them”

  • What are your weaknesses?

Nobody wants to be asked about their weaknesses. Who needs to confess to having blemishes? The truth is everybody includes a few. Here are one or two insights: To begin with, turn a shortcoming into positive personal traits. For case, in the event that you know you’re a stickler, you may say, “I in some cases have a difficulty in understanding why others don’t need to do their work well.” Besides, remember to think of a story that outlines how you recognized a shortcoming in yourself and worked to overcome it. Possibly you’re a controlled crack. Here is exactly what you may say: “I utilized to think that no one might do work as well as I seem. It was not needed for me to share all the assignments or inquire to offer assistance. I would feel disappointed to some certain. But over time, I have come to appreciate having partners and group individuals who are able to pitch in.”

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The most common situational questions

Some other questions that you can be asked are situational ones. The questioner will inquire you these questions to assist choose in case you’re a great fit for the work. You’ll be inquired to conversation approximately times after you had advertisement to unravel issues or handle challenges. Each manager may inquire diverse questions, but they’re continuously trying to find comparative information:

  • What are the communication-related challenges that you’ve faced before?

As a professional CNA, effectively communicating with others, especially friends and patients is very necessary. Communication conflicts can arise during the working process. The purpose of the interviewer is the way you have dealt with these challenges. You need to prove you can work effectively with patients no matter what the communication challenges are.

Besides, you can need Communication Skills Assessment For A Successful CNA

  • Do you think that you have the ability to meet patients’ expectations?

In this question, the purpose of the interviewer is to evaluate whether you are a wonderful CNA. Obviously, meeting patients’ expectations is the goal of any CNA. Don’t answer theoretically. Talk about your own experience, even if it includes mistakes or challenges.

  • Talking about one of the most difficult responsibilities that you have dealt with? What did you do and what is the result of this?

This is a question asking for personal experience. The purpose of the panel is to consider the way you tackle critical challenges as well as conflicting situations. Talking about mistakes/conflicts from when working with the patients or other counterparts can make examiners think badly of you. Instead, focus on telling about external factors (for example lack of funding). Also, be clear about how you would deal with these situations. I believe if you have ever worked as a CNA, challenging situations are inevitable and you know how to overcome them.

  • In your opinion, what do you think is the most important skill for becoming an exemplary CNA?

If you are an expert in the CNA field, you should be aware that there is no single skill/ability which makes you a successful CNA. A good CNA needs a combination of skills, experience, and knowledge. Skills may include communication skills, problem-solving skills, or healthcare-related skills… You can emphasize your possession of a multiple skill set that can make an impression on the examiner. A concrete example post could be a big plus for this question.

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  • What types of patients have you met? How do you deal with patients’ dissatisfaction with you?

As a CNA, you need to understand patients’ insights as well as how to deal with their dissatisfaction. You should know, patients’ dissatisfaction can come from many factors: poor-quality services or simply their problems in health status. When answering this question, you should show your respect for your patients and that you are willing to accept their authority without any discomfort.

  • Which characteristics do you think are suitable for an individual in the CNA field?

A successful CNA often has a combination of 2 factors: experience and a deep understanding of this field. Even if you have the knowledge and understanding of how to care for patients, you still need to have experience in this field. Interviewers want to see these qualities in you, so show it off with specific examples.

Some other questions may be: 

  • Take about one occasion when you had to do something that is different or difficult?
  • What is the importance of time management during the working process?
  • What you can do if your patient refused care?
  • What you can do if you saw counterparts yelling at a patient?
  • What you can do if your patient became aggressive or combative?

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Common CNA interview questions can not be asked

According to the official law, there are still several questions that the interviewers can not ask you because of the risk of discrimination. The candidates are must be supposed to be judged equally only on their qualifications and ability. The interviewers are not allowed to ask about your age or whether you are disabled or not. It is also illegal to ask you if you are married or whether you expect to have one child. They are also not allowed to ask about your religion, race, or ethnicity… which seems to raise conflicts of discrimination. Other aspects of political viewpoints, or anything related to politics are also banned. However, it is legal that you can chóoe to provide this information if you want. But we do not recommend that you need to answer all the questions that are not related to the content of your field.

Some common mistakes in the CNA interview

  • Bragging about your previous achievement

Talking about your previous achievement is an effective way to affirm your competence and experience. Of course, interviewers always care and appreciate it. However, remember that one of the most important factors of a CNA is managing skills and how you can please the patients.

Besides talking about your previous achievement, make sure that your ability to collaborate and deal with patients is also mentioned. You also need to ensure that you are a person who easily gets along with the team and is able to take responsibility for all your tasks.

  • Backbit your previous working environment

In the process of working, you will inevitably encounter conflicting situations or a bad impression of the team. However, bad talk about old projects is taboo thing. You can complain about your past project – it’s your right- but remember that an interview is not a suitable place for that. It shows that you are an immature person and you are willing to badmouth anyone.

Instead, let’s talk about how you have managed the dissatisfaction with your previous working environment. It will demonstrate your effectiveness during the working process and demonstrate that you are qualified to take charge of any position in an organization. Give a few more examples (maybe your failures) and your solutions for all of them.

  • Lying about your ability

In fact, “overstating” your abilities or experience is not a worse idea. However, you can completely be exposed if the interviewer is an experienced person. They can quickly realize that you are just bragging about your own abilities. Instead, let’s be honest about your knowledge and skills or even your weaknesses. In addition, you can talk about the methods you are taking to improve yourself and overcome your weaknesses.

  • Poor preparation

You put on a luxury suit and walked into the interview room. Do you smile confidently before the interview panel? Do you think you prepared well enough for the interview? Remember, you need to be well prepared both in terms of appearance and knowledge. It would be terrible if you walked into the interview room without knowledge of the organization that you applied to or the basic knowledge of the CNA field. Instead, spend at least 2 hours searching for basic information about all. That will help you make a good impression in the interview and answer the interview questions more smoothly and fluently.

The above article has provided the basic information of the CNA interview questions and answers as well as what you should do to answer all the questions smoothly and fluently. Hope you guys can have more beneficial information for better preparation.

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