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The Most Essential CNA Tips For Passing This Exam

You are wondering how to pass CNA test. Here we will help you with the beneficial CNA tips and tricks!

January 1, 2022

The most essential CNA tips for passing this exam

Read the question carefully

Remember that when taking the CNA test, reading is the most important aspect for achieving a high score. Therefore, remember to read all the questions carefully and make sure all the answers are the most suitable. However, if you’re in a hurry or think too fast because you assume that you already know the answer, you may miss the important information.

Take a look at one of the most frequently missed questions by CNA Plus users:

Mr. David has an order for F&B. You have picked up his breakfast and note that he drank half of a 6 oz. glass of water, 4 oz. of milk, and 8 oz. of juice. You document

  • 450 cc
  • 240 cc
  • 920 cc
  • 685 cc

Did you choose 450 ccs? Correct! Or did you think the answer should be 540 ccs? If so, you have missed the given suggestion “he just drank half of a 6 oz. glass of water,” which equals 3 oz. 3 + 4 + 8 = 15 oz glass of water. Then, the total is 30 ccs in an ounce.

This question is essential for the following reasons: Firstly, it tests your liquids’ calculating ability for accurate input. Secondly, it is a reminder for all test takers to read every question in the most careful way. Never forget that the correct answer is always one of your choices.

Think carefully about the answer before reading the options

Think carefully about the answer before reading the given options. For the purpose of helping you in minimizing confusion or error arising in the test-taking process, let’s read the question carefully and decide what the suitable response should be before you take a look at the given options. In case you’ve been studying, you may already know the answer because you have enough ability to do it. Remember your answer when you read every choice of the test. Knowing the suitable answer is the best way to lead you to success.

Here’s a common example:

The foremost comfortable position for an inhabitant with a respiratory issue is: 

  • Fowler’s
  • Prone
  • Supine
  • Lateral

When you’ve got studied, practical questions are simple to reply to. You know that Fowler’s position is the right reply. You’ll be able to quickly respond with certainty and move on to another address. In the event that your reply isn’t among the choices, rehash the address and after that the choices. You will have missed a clue.

Be careful with the exceptions

Be careful with exceptions! In case a question says “All are true EXCEPT” or “Which isn’t correct,” you ought to pay even more consideration to the choices. You’ll rapidly disregard that you’re searching for the off-base reply and conclusion up choosing one of the three rectified ones.

Look at this given question:

Which of the following answer is not true when talking about blindness?

  • Always remember to identify yourself before you decide to touch a blind person.
  • Ask whether a blind person for help before you decide to give assistance.
  • Diabetes is the culprit of blindness.
  • Almost all legally blind or visually impaired individuals have no sight.

All the explanations are rectified but the final one. Were you able to remain centered on which alternative isn’t genuine? (Almost all legally blind or visually impaired individuals have no sight.)

Choose the correct answer among all options

Select the most suitable answer among the options! Sometimes, a question will require you to choose the foremost fitting answer from the four choices. The perfect reply in an idealized circumstance may not be the right reaction. Perused each choice carefully and treat it like a true-or-false statement.

Take a look at this question:

When the CNA begins his or her assignment, what should the aide he or she should do first?

  • Check carefully all the nurse aide’s assigned residents before starting.
  • Start bathing a patient who starts physical therapy within one hour.
  • Assist a patient who needs help getting off the toilet.
  • Collect the linen supplies.

Here, you’re being inquired to think in a basic way. In spite of the fact that the “perfect situation” reply is to check on all relegated patients, keep in mind that patient security continuously comes to begin with. Normally, you may begin with offer assistance to the patient to get off the latrine! This question is around prioritizing, not around how a move is assumed to start.

Be careful with “all or none of the above answers” in CNA test

An “all of the above” or “none of the above” answer requires the test taker to carefully consider all given questions before having the conclusion. Don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that the “all” or “none” option is automatically suitable.

Take a look at this example:

Intake and Output deal with: 

  • Solid foods
  • Liquids
  • Mashed or pureed foods
  • All of the above

The correct option is “Liquids.” Input and yield degree liquid adjust, not the sum of nourishment eaten. This address outlines the ought to see at each alternative as a true-or-false statement. All three choices must be redressed for you to choose “all of the above.” Be beyond any doubt to require the time to examine everything carefully!

Come down when facing two choices

In case you are unable to know the correct answer, you’ll require a technique for making a great figure. As a rule, one or two choices are clearly off-base, so you’ll be able to dispose of those rights. At that point see at each remaining alternative to see how well it fits with the address. You ought to come down to two choices. Compare them and see on the off chance that one makes more sense.

Try this question?

Which of the given statements can strongly support that a patient is considering suicide?

  • “Everything would be better in case I were dead.”
  • “I do not care what you are thinking about.”
  • “We all need to go sometime.”
  • “I think it’s better for me to see a psychiatrist.”

In case you haven’t examined mental wellbeing, each of these articulations might appear conceivable. But indeed in case you can’t review everything from your CNA classes, common sense proposes that a client considering suicide may be past inquiring to see a therapist. Of the three remaining explanations, the primary one appears to be the most grounded and the foremost concerning. Indeed without much information given to you, usually a good and correct guess.

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CNA tips
CNA tips


Some other CNA tips

Before the CNA test

Avoid trying to cram knowledge just before taking the CNA  test

The CNA test-takers often try to cram knowledge as much as possible just before the CNA test day for the purpose of achieving the highest efficiency when completing the test. However, remember that this habit can negatively impact your real performance. Cramming too much knowledge just before the test day can not make you better or achieve higher performance. Instead, remember that adding CNA-related knowledge and experience is a long procedure that requires the spending of much time and effort. So, let’s start practicing CNA right now for better preparation!


Before the official CNA test, let your hair down instead of trying to cram knowledge. How about watching a funny movie with your family or your friends, or you can help your mom prepare a warm dinner. This absolutely can make you feel better so that you can have good emotional strength for achieving high outcomes in the CNA exam.

On the test day

Avoid spending lots of time just on completing 1 question

Remember that you should not spend too much time on any question. Don’t stay at any questions for too long time. If you have the time, let’s mark the question that you are staying in and return to it right after you have completed all the questions. It’s possible that you can find the correct answer when completing other questions or at least they may help suggest or motivate the right answer to this one. 

Believe in yourself

If you have prepared carefully before taking the CNA test, your first instinct is usually the most suitable and correct one. Do not change your answer unless the question combines a numerical calculation that may be incorrect on the first try. Don’t forget to review numerical calculations to check for unnecessary mistakes you have made.

Be more confident 

You have prepared carefully for this test. You have mastered the knowledge. You are completely ready. Therefore, you need to feel confident. In case you are feeling nervous or stressed, let’s take a deep breath. It will help you release all the stress and help you focus more on the test. Remember that this CNA test is just a test held for the purpose of checking your level in the nursing field and there is no fail or pass that can negatively impact your career. When you are ready for all of them, let’s come back with the CNA test.

The above article has provided the basic information of the CNA tips as well as what you should do to achieve a high score on this test. Hope you guys can have more beneficial information about the CNA for better preparation and get high results.

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