Is The CNA Test Hard?

Is The CNA Test Hard?

Passing the CNA exam is not an easy task? Is the CNA test hard? Let's discover everything about the CNA in this article.

January 1, 2022

The CNA examination is a well-known certification test for candidates who want to become certified nursing assistants. Passing this test is always the dream and purpose of most candidates. Is the CNA test hard? How to pass this exam? Let’s follow this article for more information.

What’s on the CNA test?

Every state administrator can provide a CNA certification examination which includes a written/knowledge test and a skill-based evaluation test. Here are the three largest CNA exam providers today: NNAAP/Pearson Vue, Prometric, and Headmaster. 

The NNAAP (Pearson Vue) CNA examination

The NNAAP ( which stands for the National Nurse Aid Assessment Program) is an examination that is used by approximately 25 states all over the nation with the purpose of assessing competency for the CNAs (certified nurse assistants). It is now considered one of the largest nurse aide examination programs for around 200,000 candidates/year. The NNAAP test is the combination of the several given states and territories: the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Hampshire, NA, SA, Texas, Washington, Colorado, Louisiana, Guam,…

The details of this examination are provided below:


The topic of the examPercentage of QuestionNumber of Questions
Physical Care Skillset
The activities of patients’ daily living

Hygiene for patients


Nutrition for patients


The Comfort of patients
0.149 questions
The most basic Nursing Skills

Infection Control

Safety or Emergency

Therapeutic Process

The Data Collection
0.3923 questions
The Restorative Skills

The Prevention of risks

The Self Care or Independence
0.085 questions
B. Psychosocial Care Skills
The Emotional and Mental Health0.116 questions
Spiritual as well as Cultural Needs0.022 questions
C. Role and responsibility of CNAs
Communication skill0.084 questions
Rights of Patients0.074 questions
Legal rights and behavior0.032 questions
The CNA team0.085 questions

The Prometric CNA examination

The Prometric CNA examination is an exam that is a combination of two main components: a written test exam and a clinical skill-based test. The written exam consists of exactly 60 multiple-choice questions and you need to take all of them in a given time that the organizer gives you. The total time is 90 minutes.

During the clinical skill-based examination, candidates have to perform five clinical skills which can be randomly selected from a list of twenty skills. Two of the given skills will include hand washing and indirect care – the two most important skills. The time range for completing this exam fluctuates from 31 minutes to 40 minutes depending on your selected skills.

The outline of the Prometric CNA examination covers several following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Michigan, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, NY city…

The details of this examination are provided below:


The topic of the examPercentage of ExamNumber of Questions
I. The general responsibility of a professional CNA
Personal responsibility of the CNA

CNA working as a member of the team

Interpersonal or communication skillsets
0.212 questions
II. The promotion of safety
Potential risks arise during the working process

The treatment methods

Common injuries during the working process

Safety of the patients

Safety devices for patients

The control methods

Emergencies during the working process

Fire risk and preventing method
0.2213 questions
III. Promotion of function and healthcare
Personal care skillsets

Healthcare skills

Age-associated changes

Psychosocial needs of patients
0.212 questions
IV. Basic CNA skills
Routine, chronic, or any other related situations

Several emergency situations arise
0.2414 questions
V. Providing Nursing care for patients
Physical problems arise during the treatment

Psychological hazards

Care of the dying resident and post-mortem
The remaining percentage of questionsThe remaining number of questions

The Headmaster CNA exam

Such as several other test providers, the headmaster CNA exam is the combination of two main components, a written test exam and a manual skillset exam. While the CNA exam offers around 75 multiple-choice questions, the manual skill test will include exactly three or four selected skills that are picked randomly from the skill list given. The HDmaster CNA test is given in the following states: Ohio, South Dakota, Utah, Arizona, New Hampshire, Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee…

The details of this examination are provided below:


The topic of the examThe number of each questions
Maintaining the safety of patients7 questions
Infection avoiding8 questions
Personal healthcare system9 questions
Both mental and emotional health status of patients4 questions
Impartation of healthcare4 questions
Patients’ rights5 questions
Communication skills with patients7 questions
Collection of data during the working process7 questions
Basic CNA Skills9 questions
Responsibility of CNAs7 questions
Disease or health-related hazards4 questions
The development and growth of adults4 questions

What is the passing score of the CNA examination?

Each state will provide its own passing score in terms of the CNA examination. Some states require you to achieve approximately 70% to 75% while achieving a score of 80% is the requirement of some others.

Is the CNA test hard?

Each test takers are able to have different challenges in completing the CNA examination with their own abilities. Difficulties may come from the test, the candidate’s mental state, or external factors… Here are the basic difficulties that hinder the success of the candidate in completing the CNA examination.

Is The CNA Test Hard?
Is The CNA Test Hard?


The limitation of time

When taking the CNA examination, candidates have to complete a total of 70 multiple-choice questions in only about 90 minutes. You also have to complete the skill-based test within a limited amount of time. It can be considered a really big difficulty for any individual to complete such a huge number of CNA questions in such a limited amount of time. However, this should be considered a great opportunity for every test taker to discover their own abilities in the nursing field.

Numerous sources of materials

There is no doubt that the CNA examination is a really difficult exam for everyone, and the CNA test takers are mostly people with remarkable knowledge as well as experience. Therefore, the foremost challenge that the test takers need to face is the huge amount of CNA material that they could find from different sources of information.

It will take you a great deal of time just to complete the CNA textbook or other related sources of materials.

If you are a type of person who can not own much experience in the nursing field, you do not even know how to start learning as well as how to learn effectively due to overwhelming material.

The complexity of the exam structure

Obviously, a complex CNA exam structure with a huge number of domains as well as given questions will prevent you from completing and passing this test. You can not pass it and get points in case your own answer is just based on your personal experience (what you’ve had during the working or studying process).

The most effective and less time-consuming method for passing it is to follow the given standard of CNA examination in the most careful way and practice day by day before officially taking the CNA exam.

The difficulty of all the questions

There is no doubt that the questions in the CNA examination are generally complicated and easy to make mistakes. It will take you a considerable amount of time just to get familiar with the format of the CNA exam as well as learn how to answer all the CNA examination questions correctly following the given format of this test.


Most of the candidates for the CNA examination are project managers with lots of experience in leading a team or project. Many test-takers strongly argue that their previous experience, as well as nursing-related knowledge that was gained through the learning process, is enough to help them pass the CNA examination. As a result, these test-takers often skip the reviewing procedure, which may lead to failure on the official exam day.


Because of the importance of this CNA exam, numerous CNA candidates are often drop into the feeling of becoming nervous and stressed. The culprits behind that may be that they are not confident in their abilities, or have psychological hazards. However, don’t forget that when you can master the material, you will feel more confident about yourself in this test.

What should be done if you fail CNA?

Even in case you fail your CNA examination, it’s still ok. Let’s remember these things:

Examine your mistakes carefully

At the majority of exam centers, your exam is evaluated instantly, and understudies get their comes about right away. Off-base answers are clearly stamped. In case you get your CNA exam back one more time and discover merely has fizzled, keep your duplicate for future reference. Highlight the questions you got off-base and utilize them to make the premise for your more considering endeavors.

Study harder every day to complete yourself

In case it is impossible for you to retake the exam right away, get prepared to do more examining. Commit as much time to go over your missed answers more and more. More imperatively, make beyond any doubt you get a handle on why your answers were incorrect. Enroll with the assistance of a companion to test you on the inaccurate questions.

At last, in case you cannot retake the test for a while, revive your memory around other themes to guarantee you still get a handle on them whereas taking the test.

Retake the section you have failed  

In a majority of cases, you often have the opportunity to retake the segment you failed. The exam comprises a multiple-choice segment and a skill-based segment where you illustrate the different abilities of an evaluator. Understudies tend to fail the composing area more regularly than the abilities area. Either way, you should as it were ought to retake the segment you failed. Once you’ve passed both areas, you’ll be great to go.

Remember the deadlines

If your examination center does not let you retake the exam promptly, you can return to retake the segment you failed, it’s possible. You will be energetic to win your license, so you may likely take it once more decently rapidly. Still, be beyond any doubt merely ordinarily must retake it in just 2 years. In case you hold up longer than that, you just may need to go back and total a program once more. Also, remember that you’re given approximately three opportunities to retake the CNA examination. With any good fortune, you’ll pass it on your moment attempt.

Understand what to do

Falling a segment of the CNA examination even three times is exceptionally uncommon, but it does happen to many candidates. In case it happens to you if it’s not too much trouble get it that you just will repeat your program. This implies you have got to select once more, pay tuition again, and total the whole program one more time. If you have got not completed your CNA program until now, remember to put your best exertion forward. Think about it particularly for the exam as well.

At last, keep in mind that it’s not the end of the world in the event that you come up short of the CNA examination, and it won’t contrarily negatively affect your career in any way.

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Some common questions about the CNA test

What does the CNA exam cost?

There is no fixed cost for taking the CNA Exam. It depends on the state or location where you register to take the test. On average, it is $100 to take the CNA.

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What are the testing dates? How about the location?

The CNA test is often held throughout the year in a wide range of locations in the country. There will be some people help you with your training instructor to find the testing place.

What should I do on the official day of the CNA examination?

Remember to bring the necessary documents. Also, handheld computers or phones are not allowed. Let’s relax and get ready to take the test.

How do I get my CNA certification?

Getting a high school diploma is the first thing you need to do. Then you can join a training program that is held by your state. After completing all the structure of this program, you will be required to take an exam before getting the CNA certification.

How long does it take to become an official CNA?

A CNA training program can last from 6-10 weeks or more. You need time to take a test, wait for the results. After about 3 months, you will become a CNA (certified nursing assistant) if you get the passing score test.

What does CNA stand for?

CNA (which stands for Certified Nursing Assistant) is an indispensable position in any hospital or nursing-associate organization. CNAs have a wide range of responsibilities that make them become a key part of the patients’ healthcare process. Even though being a CNA is often regarded as an entry-level position, it is a wonderful stepping stone for an individual to other healthcare professions or the promotion in their career. Being a CNA can help anyone prepare carefully for their nursing or healthcare-related management work, and is a wonderful place to take the first step in your own career.

How much does a CNA make an hour?

On average a CNA can earn $14 per hour. Salary amounts can be higher, up to $16 for experienced CNAs. However, the salary range will range from $9-15 an hour.

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How long is the CNA license valid?

The average is 24 months.

How much does it cost to join a CNA examination?

Usually between $80 and $100 depending on when and where you register to take the test.

The above article has answered the question: Is the CNA test hard? as well as provided you with several useful tips for passing this test. We hope that you will get a more beneficial piece of information about this CNA exam and achieve a good score on this test. Good luck!

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