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A Japanese male who is your patient in charge has just undergone his bilateral knee surgery.  You try and assist him in putting his anti-embolism stockings on and he winces and looks away, staring up at the ceiling. Your most appropriate response would be:

A You could acknowledge that putting on the anti-embolism stockings can be a painful procedure and ask him if he is currently experiencing any pain.

People of Asian descent, can sometimes be unemotional in connection with pain, so assessing their non-verbal language would be imperative. In order to let the nurse can administer pain meds as required, nursing assistants must mark any pain complaints from their patients to the nurse though they cannot perform official pain assessments. Telling your patient that you are proud of him – while this may be with the best of intentions on your part, it may come off as condescending and it may also prevent him from marking any future pain to you. Letting the nurse know that your patient needs pain medication or assuming that your patient is no longer experiencing any pain, are both situations where you are making assumptions about your patient without speaking directly to him.

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ur fellow student

3 years ago

There are definitely a few mistakes in this app, some of the answers are just plain wrong so make sure this is not your only source of study material. Other than that this app is very helpful.


3 years ago

It’s a good app for practice


3 years ago

I would love to give this app 5 stars but in the Nursing Skills section it does not allow you to go on to part 7. After you get to part 6 it either just never loads or it tells you to go to part 7 and does absolutely nothing.

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