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A nursing assistant goes and check’s a patient’s oxygen saturation. It is at 89 percent. The patient is also receiving extra oxygen at 2LPM through a nasal cannula. The nursing assistant performs a check on the probe position and double-checks the oxygen saturation. Saturation is still at 89 percent. The patient is comfortable and calm, watching television in their bed. He informs the nursing assistant that he has a COPD and that all of the current readings are normal for his condition. What should a nursing assistant do in this situation?

A Check with the nurse to find out if this information is normal or not

It is significant for the nursing assistant to check with the nurse to ensure that these levels are all normal for the specific patient. As the patient is not in any kind of pain or distress it is unnecessary to call in a code. Going to the nurse manager breaks the nursing chain of command. It is important for the individual to check and clarify with the current nurse and to not just take the patient at their word whenever findings are new for the nursing assistant.