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A nursing assistant have to help a patient out of their bed and into a nearby chair. There is a gait belt on the resident’s sink, but the nursing assistant decides not to use it as they have other tasks they need to take care of. By not using the gait belt, which of the following might occur as the nursing assistant rushed the task: I. Nursing assistant strains their back trying to lift the patient. II. The resident slips and falls because the nursing assistant is not able to lift them. III. Nothing happens as gait belts are often more hassle than necessary. IV The task of moving the patient takes longer and requires more energy without the help of the provided gait belt.


The nursing assistant will run the risk of straining and seriously injuring their back. When not using the gait belt, the patient might fall under the weight and it might take longer . The gait belt is there to assist with lifts. When not using the gait belt the nursing assistant runs the risk of injuring both parties.

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ur fellow student

4 years ago

There are definitely a few mistakes in this app, some of the answers are just plain wrong so make sure this is not your only source of study material. Other than that this app is very helpful.


3 years ago

It’s a good app for practice


3 years ago

I would love to give this app 5 stars but in the Nursing Skills section it does not allow you to go on to part 7. After you get to part 6 it either just never loads or it tells you to go to part 7 and does absolutely nothing.

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