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After a patient is given insulin in the morning, he is pale and sweaty and appears confused two hours later. It would be helpful to discover whether the patient:

A Had breakfast

Diabetic customers have a strict schedule regarding insulin injections and eating. Eating causes blood sugar to rise, and the insulin helps move it into the cells. Without food, the blood sugar drops quickly, causing a serious situation. Immediate treatment is necessary. Quickly check the customer’s blood sugar and mark it to the nurse. The customer will need to eat 15 grams of glucose or a simple carbohydrate, such as 1/2 cup orange juice or a Tablespoon of sugar. In order for the meals to be served shortly after receiving insulin, the nurse aide should be aware of which customers are diabetic.

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ur fellow student

4 years ago

There are definitely a few mistakes in this app, some of the answers are just plain wrong so make sure this is not your only source of study material. Other than that this app is very helpful.


3 years ago

It’s a good app for practice


3 years ago

I would love to give this app 5 stars but in the Nursing Skills section it does not allow you to go on to part 7. After you get to part 6 it either just never loads or it tells you to go to part 7 and does absolutely nothing.

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