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Of the following techniques, which one should be utilized when a nursing assistant is offering perineal cleaning and care for a female patient that currently has an indwelling urinary catheter?

A The nursing assistant needs to begin by cleaning the perineum. From there, they need to clean from the front to the back (in order to avoid possible UTIs). The nursing aid then needs to take a clean washcloth and clean all exposed tubing from the catheter, beginning with the material nearest the patient and wipe away from them.

It is important for the nursing assistant to always begin by cleaning the perineum from the front to the back. They should never clean from the back to the front because this may increase the chance of a urinary tract infection. Prior to cleaning the tubing of the catheter, the nursing assistant needs to check and make sure the catheter is suitably secured to the patient’s leg. This will prevent the catheter from dislodging during cleaning. Because it is necessary to clean everything, including the catheter, option B is not correct. Not cleaning the area opens the patient up to possible infections. Even though the patient has an indwelling catheter, it is still necessary to clean off all the equipment and the perineum as well, so choice B is not accurate. Failure to clean the perineum may open up the possibility of infection. Although option D has the correct order, the correct technique is not used. A nursing assistant should never clean the patient (especially female patients) from the back to the front as it can push bacteria into the vaginal area and cause infections. The cleaning of the catheter material is correct though, as it is important to wash from the area nearest the patient away. This also helps prevent the spread of bacteria into the vaginal area.