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The facility fire alarm system is activated while the nurse aide is walking with a customer confined to a wheelchair, and the customer becomes excited from the noise. What should the nurse aid do?

A Lock the patients wheelchair and check surrounding area for smoke

The nurse aid should be familiar with all fire safety policies and protocols. All staff must respond to keep clients safe when a fire alarm sounds. Remember “R.A.C.E.” to fast act. R = Rescue/Remove all people who are not able to take care of themselves. A = Alarm, if it has not already been done. Pulling the alarm can be done simultaneously as rescue. C = Confine/Contain the fire or smoke by closing doors to prevent or slow the spread. Smoke is especially dangerous for everyone. E = Extinguish the fire if possible, using a handheld fire extinguisher. Attempt to extinguish only small fires, as long as you can stay still safe and have an escape route.