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A patient who is currently in comatose has not been mobile for the last several works. Because of this, the patient is at risk for possible muscle atrophy and contractures. In order to provide the best care for the patient, what should a nursing assistant do during their AM rounds?

A Perform passive range of motion exercises

resident's muscles are becoming weaker and shortening while they is suffering from muscle atrophy and contracture, which reduces their range of motion. Both of these conditions often cause immobility, so it is important to carry out passive range of motion exercises (unless they have different medical guidelines from the doctor). For answer B, active range of motion exercises should be performed by residents who are independent. A comatose resident likely will not be able to perform these actions. For choice C, a resident can still take a full bath, and answer D should not be performed as if oral care is administered while laying down the resident’s face should be turned to avoid aspiration.