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The nursing assistant finds one of the patient’s family members is quick to check their mail before the actual patient is able to look at it while working at a long-term healthcare facility. The nursing assistant knows for a fact the patient receives his or her Social Security check through the mail. What should the nursing assistant do here?

A The patient might be at risk of financial abuse from his or her family member. To discover what is going on the situation needs to be looked into and reported to the nurse. The nurse may decide to escalate the situation.

When this takes place the family member might be financially abusing their relative. Because of this, the nursing assistant must mark suspicious behavior to the nurse in order for it to be investigated. It is illegal to open someone else’s mail, so this is not an option and confronting and accusing the family member of financial abuse is inappropriate. Before any accusations are put forward, it have to be investigated.

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ur fellow student

3 years ago

There are definitely a few mistakes in this app, some of the answers are just plain wrong so make sure this is not your only source of study material. Other than that this app is very helpful.


3 years ago

It’s a good app for practice


3 years ago

I would love to give this app 5 stars but in the Nursing Skills section it does not allow you to go on to part 7. After you get to part 6 it either just never loads or it tells you to go to part 7 and does absolutely nothing.

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