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The patient has been encouraged to keep coughing and after approximately 30 seconds, he stops coughing and starts to turn blue. Then, he immediately becomes unconscious and is lying on the bed in front of you. To manage this patient, what are the appropriate steps you must take?

A Call for help, have staff members call 911, begin CPR.

When a resident becomes unconscious, you must carry out CPR right away in order to get rid of the foreign object obstructing their airway.  Always get assistance, call 911, and start CPR immediately.

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1 year ago

Minimal ads with good contents as they promised. I am using this app for my CNA test and it’s been helping a lot so far.

Moses Masaba

1 year ago

I think this is the best app for cna test

Jasmine Mayes

1 year ago

this is a great app to prepare for the state test!

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