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What do you do when caring for Mr. Brown who has a diagnosis of COPD and his SpO2 is 82% currently receiving O2 via Nasal Cannula @ 2 liters/min?

A Report it STAT to your nurse

The normal SpO2 range for a customer with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is 88-92%. This is because oxygen reaches the lungs, but lung damage prevents oxygen from getting into the blood. Giving oxygen is carefully regulated for customers with COPD, with limits in line with how the oxygen is delivered. Report a low saturation to the nurse at once. Do not make any changes on your own.

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Maksi Sanctum

2 years ago

Nursing procedures will not drill on parts 6 & 7, even after paying for Pro.


2 years ago

It is very helpful

Rolly Aguirre

2 years ago


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