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What kind of actions should a nursing assistant take while providing HS oral care for a patient using dentures?

A First, remove the dentures, clean the false teeth with cool to tepid water, and then place the dentures into a cup with cool to tepid water (or in denture cleaning solution). From there, the nursing assistant needs to leave the cup within reach of the patient on the bedside table.

Dentures should always be cleaned with cool to tepid water, and then placed into a denture with either denture cleaning solution or cool to tepid water in it. Answer B does not work because the teeth should never be placed in a washcloth as it may develop bacteria. Answer C should it not good, because hot water should never be used. Hot water may damage the dentures (and if the patient needs the teeth right away it can burn their mouth. Answer D doesn’t clean the teeth, opens the teeth up for bacterial growth. It may also be accidentally thrown away by a cleaning crew or other nursing assistant.

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It is very helpful

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