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You must remember to respect patient's personal space, if you have patients who are from a culturally different background. Of the options below, which would best describe how a CNA could honour a patient’s personal space?

A The CNA should explain to the patient, their care and procedures in simple terms that the patient will understand.

There are many care procedures that ask touch and physical closeness.  A CNA should always explain the care and medical procedures clearly, so that the patient understands them and is aware of what to expect. Protecting your patient’s private information is definitely important, but only speaking to your patient when there is nobody else around is not very realistic and there is no need to exclude your patient’s family members from any routine or friendly conversation. Finally, including your patient’s family members in the patient’s care as much as possible is extrememly important; still, this is completely the CNA’s responsibility and it should not be shifted onto anybody else.